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  1. Georgina and Jodie's Wedding 15/09/2018

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    So today we had the pleasure of making Georgina and Joide's alice in wonderland themed wedding ! 

    Georgina wanted a long trailing bouquet in red and pale blue's with bridesmaids to match. 

    Origionaly I was going to make a wired bouquet however having to make them the day before I didnt want to wire the hydrangeas and leave them out of water. So ...I decided to make a hand tied trailing bouquet ! Somthing I have not made before to this scale so it was a bit of a challenge. 

    Below is a photo of the finnished product =] 

    Using Blue Hydrangea, Red roses, red Amaranthus, Gyp and greenary to get the length. 


    We then made two bridesmaid bouquets. We used the same flowers but as a posy instead of trailing