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  1. So today we had the pleasure of making Georgina and Joide's alice in wonderland themed wedding ! 

    Georgina wanted a long trailing bouquet in red and pale blue's with bridesmaids to match. 

    Origionaly I was going to make a wired bouquet however having to make them the day before I didnt want to wire the hydrangeas and leave them out of water. So ...I decided to make a hand tied trailing bouquet ! Somthing I have not made before to this scale so it was a bit of a challenge. 

    Below is a photo of the finnished product =] 

    Using Blue Hydrangea, Red roses, red Amaranthus, Gyp and greenary to get the length. 


    We then made two bridesmaid bouquets. We used the same flowers but as a posy instead of trailing


  2. Lizze and Iains Wedding - 29/07/2017 

    Lizzie and Iains wedding had been in the planning for 2 years ! 

    As Lizzie is my sister we had numourous ideas for the wedding, The one thing we were set on was the colour Blue ! 

    Lizzie liked quite wild flowers not too structured. 


    We Decieded to use a mixture of Hydrangeas, Delphinium and Roses, Along with a few other filler flowers such as Astilbe, spray roses and Dill. 


    We wrapped the bouquet in lace and blue ribbon to match lizzies dress, the bridesmaids dresses also had a lot of lace detail. 


    A few extra bits of sparkle added to lizzies to make it different from the Bridesmaids. 

    The Venue ! 
    Beeston Manor - A beautful venue would recomend to anyone looking to get married 


    We created large table arrangments sat on martini vases to give them some height. They consisted of the same flowers in the bouquets so everything matched nicely. 





    Chair covers  - Creative Cover Hire 
    Beautfiful Blue with a lace overlay. 





    We provided our light up Love Sign, Photo Booth, Post box and Candy Cart for the Wedding.